We are less than two weeks away from Halloween weekend which means that Mischief Night is upon us. Have you ever heard of Mischief Night? If you haven't, you must not be from New Jersey. But it's a night that everyone should prepare for. It's important to stay alert, stay ready, and stay on guard on Mischief Night because things could go way left in an instant.

Mischief Night is a New Jersey tradition that the kids look forward to every year. According to Vox, some people call it "Devil's Night" and "Cabbage Night." It all goes down on October 30th, the night before Halloween. Teenagers go around to residential neighborhoods and reak havoc all over town. In the past cars and homes have been covered with toilet paper. Eggs have been thrown at windows, windows have been shattered, gardens upturned, graffiti on garage doors, and more. The pranks have no limit.

Homeowners have woken up on Halloween morning to their neighborhoods absolutely destroyed. More teenagers are arrested on Mischief Night than any other single night of the year.

It's kind of like New Jersey's own version of the purge. Some people use it as a night to get revenge on their neighbors. Other use it to let out all the pint up anger and resentment they have towards the people don't like.  People wait all year long for this one night to raise hell.

Last year on Halloween weekend, things in New Jersey were pretty quiet. Because of the COVID pandemic, there was less trick or treating and not a lot of pranks being pulled. Plus that time of year coming across toilet paper was one in a million so no one was freely throwing it on random houses.

But here is why you should especially be on guard this year. This year's Mischief Night in not only New Jersey but Philadelphia and Delaware as well is supposed to be the craziest night yet. There have been whispers on social media that the kids want to make this "the year New Jersey will never forget." People have two years worth of anger that they want to release.


So with that being said, just beware. Don't go to sleep on October 30th if you have to. If it were me, I would be on my front porch all night long like a watchdog.


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