A couple in Mount Holly provides 1,000 pumpkins ready for carving.

When Richard Denisar and his wife Deanna moved into their self built home in Mount Holly, NJ they desired to make friends with the rest of the neighborhood, but they feared their house didn't look appealing to the public enough. So instead, Richard was at Home Depot one day, and decided to buy himself 25 pumpkins according to NJ.com.

He later held a neighborhood carving contest for the children in the neighborhood to try and meet some of the neighbors. Plenty of people showed up, and eager to know what the prize was for carving the best pumpkin. Richard told the children he would award the winner with $50.

Since then, it has done nothing but grown as a neighborhood event and no longer a contest, and now they are celebrating their 16th year. This year, the Denisar's provided the neighborhood with 1,000 pumpkins in which they already hollowed out themselves. All that has to be done when the neighbors arrive is to pick a design from 4,000 different options and then they can get to work.

All the pumpkins go on display down the street and Mr. Pumpkin (Richard) himself will drive the kids around in a train of cars attached to his smart car. It's certainly turned into quite the event, with face painting courtesy of the Denisar's neighbor as well. After Halloween is over, all the pumpkins will be free to pick up from the public.

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