When Governor Murphy basically shut down New Jersey, a lot of people panicked and weren't sure how they were going to navigate their daily lives. Restaurants were closed, some restaurants only had their drive thrus open, and most stores were closed. When stores were able to offer curbside pickup, I know everyone felt a lot better about getting essentials and things they needed. Personally, I love Target's Drive Up feature and use it constantly and I was never big on going to stores even before the pandemic because I don't like crowds and I feel that when you go to an actual store, you spend way more money than you want to. This used to always happen to me when I would go shopping with a list and I would buy a bunch of other things not on my list. So, these curbside stores have been helping me out a lot, but I wish other stores would do curbside pickup as well.

The Patch reports that Neshaminy Mall is now offering curbside pickup for customers every day of the week. Monday thru Saturday from 11am- 7pm and on Sundays from Noon to 6pm, is when you can get pickup from select stores. Like most curbside offers, there will be designated spots for you to pull in and you'll call the store you ordered from when you arrive. As of now, there are only 5 stores doing curbside pickup right now and a few restaurants in the mall doing to go orders. Hopefully more stores at the mall will start to offer curbside as well.

For more info on Neshaminy's curbside pickup and which stores are participating, click here.

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