Lately one of the biggest topics has been the name change of the National Football League team formerly known as Washington Redskins. Washington is currently looking for a new name and the reason is that they don't want to disrespect the Native American community.

Other schools around the country have had the "skins" as a mascot as well, one of them being the Neshaminy School District. According to Bucks Local News, the Neshaminy School District released a statement last week (July 17) that made it known that the school district will be changing both the mascot name and logo.

We also learned from Bucks Local News that the community of the Neshaminy School District will be a big part of the decision of the name change. Having to change the name of any company or school is always a little costly and the Neshaminy School District is taking everything into consideration. According to Bucks Local News, the statement released by Neshaminy School District mentioned, "If such a change is made, it will be in a way that honors the proud academic and sports traditions at Neshaminy.”

The decision for the name to be changed is still in the process of being approved. The statement mentioned that the district is hopeful that they will have "re-establish this rightful process of local control for this and other such decisions.”

Whatever the new mascot will be we are sure that the pride will still be there. It's all about waiting to see if it will be approved now.

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