It wasn't that long ago that my to-do-list at home contained some projects that I wanted to get done, not that list has several Netflix shows i want to watch before they get the pink slip.

Netflix has released a list of shows that they will be cutting loose through out the month of April.  This should give you enough time to watch what you need before its gone.

The Hollywood Reporter has the complete list of what's coming and going on Netflix

The first movie on the hatchet list is Honey:Rise Up and Dance, that movie is gone as of tomorrow. Others leaving Netflix this month:

Backfire, time trap, Married at First Sight" season 9,Antidote, Eddie Murphy: Delirious , Once Upon a Time in London, Thor:Tales of Asgard and The Vatican Tapes.  This last movie sounded kind of familiar so I googled it, now its on my list of movies to watch before they go.  This movie sounds super scary.  Its has to deal with a girl who is processed and the Church sends in an Exorcist and then all hell (literally) breaks loose.

Other movies on the Netflix chop list are The Last Resort, The Great British Baking show Master Class 1 - 3,Django Unchained , Doom, Platoon, I Am Legend, Runaway Bride, The Green Hornet, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop.,

Some of the new movies Netflix is adding include Insidious, Legally Blonde, Friends with Benefits, The Pianist, Escape From Planet Earth, Diana: The Interview that Shook the World, and The Zookeepers Wife.

If you are new to Netflix or just looking for something new to watch, here are a few of my recommendations.  Schits Creek, this has become my most favorite show ever,.  One of those where I binge watched every season, and they watched them again.    Other good views, anything and everything that has to do with The Great British Bakeoff, The Queens Gambit,  The Dig, The Trial of the Chicago 7, The Crown, The Haunting of Hill House,  Emily in Paris, and if you like cooking shows, Naiya Bakes.  I liked her shows so much I went an ordered 2 of her cookbooks.

Netflix has a lot of amazing shows and my 'watch list' recommendations  is really a lot longer so I really had to edit it down.  With so many working and spending more time at home, Netflix is a great thing to have.

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