It’s one of the most popular destinations in New Hope (especially for breakfast), but sadly, we've learned that the eatery close before the month is over.

Sadly, the River Cat Cafe (located at 142 S. Main Street) will close on Monday, September 30, the New Hope Free Press reports.

The closure comes after a lengthy battle with zoning ordinances. The restaurant is owned by Alison Kingsley, a member of New Hope’s borough council.

Apparently the zoning issues for the venue have been lengthy.

Last summer a local businessman complained that the location of the restaurant’s dumpsters was located near an apartment building he owned.

Zoning officers have also cited that the venue was never approved for food preparation. It was supposed to be a service for coffee, tea, and other ready-made snacks.

Additional complaints include parking and sidewalk issues. You can read about them in The New Hope Free Press’ reporting.

Kingsley, the restaurant’s owner, confirmed the news in a statement on Wednesday. The statement was published in the New Hope Free Press.

“Our doors will close on September 30th because of an adverse decision by the Zoning Hearing Board and the cost and uncertainty of pursuing the appeal,” she said.

Kingsley thanked the community for their support, and says that “because cats have nine lives, we urge you to keep your eyes open for the next incarnation of the River Cat.”

This is just the latest long time business in New Hope to undergo a massive change in recent weeks. Back in August, New Hope's Blue Moose Cafe closed after being open for 11 years.

Then earlier this week we also learned that the Raven will be "temporarily" closing in October to become a parking lot. The Raven's new owners say the Raven will return in some fashion soon.

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