Turns out new Jeopardy champ, Emma Boettcher, who ended the 32 game winning streak of James Holzhauer (he won over $2 million), has spent some time in our area.

According to Business Insider, she's currently a librarian at the University of Chicago, but grew up in the Philadelphia area, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and graduated from Princeton University in 2014 with a degree in English language and literature.

She's a trivia buff, and has been a Jeopardy fan for years. She would even keep track of her own score, each episode, in a notebook. The first time she auditioned for the show (she's auditioned 4 times) was while she was at Princeton University, and they were looking for contestants for their college championship show, but, she didn't get picked, one of her friends did instead. Isn't that funny? Better things were to come, a few years later.

She filmed the episode, when she beat James Holzhauer, back on March 12th, before his episodes even began to air, and has had to keep her success a secret.

To find out more about her Jeopardy journey and how hard it was to keep that secret, click HERE.

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