When I was in school my parents didn't have to worry about me ditching because I was always extremely scared to get caught. I am not even exaggerating. If I did skip school my parents knew about it.

Virtual learning is probably making it easier for kids to skip class and just do whatever they want. According to NJ.com, over 20% of kids in New Jersey are ditching class every day. We learned that ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced students to do virtual learning the school attendance in some school districts has dropped to as low as 75%.

NJ.com stated that the state superintendent of Camden’s public schools is not letting it slide or ignoring the students ditching school. It was mentioned that school staff members are going to student's houses to make sure they are okay and that parents are aware that the student is not attending the virtual classes.

Even though the superintendent of Camden's public schools has reached out to parents because of the lack of attendance this school year that still has not helped the student's attendance rate rise back up, according to NJ.com.

Would it be possible that many of the students that are skipping class is because parents are out at work and left alone at home? It could be possible but NJ.com reported that many of the students that are ditching class are from lower-income areas.

It was also mentioned on NJ.com that one of the reasons why the student attendance rate has dropped is because "students may be having computer or internet access issues preventing them from logging on for class."

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