Kids nowadays are on iPads or some sort of technology gadgets all of the time. Are you the type of parent that is trying to keep them away from their techy gadgets, or at least limit their screen time? A lot of parents have said that they are trying to keep their kids away from technology to be less at risk of being in danger with hackers and pedophiles. According to, having kids do a lot more virtual stuff with school makes children and teens become more vulnerable to child exploitation.

With child exploitation being a huge conversation lately, parents are on top of their teens and young children's Internet usage. reported that there were 21 individuals that were caught for sexually exploiting children online. It was mentioned on that many of the individuals that were caught sexually exploiting children online were using apps such as,, Tumblr, Kik, Chat roulette, Wishbone, Fortnite, Minecraft, amongst other apps. shared a list of things that parents should do to avoid any interaction between your children and sexual predators. Here is the list:

  • Protect your personal information - children and teens should be well aware not to share any personal information online before consulting with parents first.
  • Maintain parental limits - Use filtering and/or blocking software.
  • Set an example -  Adults are also caught in cyberbullying or sexting. Set examples by staying away from those types of situations.
  • Watch warning sings - If kids become defensive when asking who they are speaking to or receiving random gifts from, those are signs that "they’re being groomed or involved in inappropriate activity."

Technology is extremely helpful for our children's education but it can harm them in many different ways.

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