Legally Blonde's Elle Woods once exclaimed that, "whoever thought orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed"

And while she's absolutely right, I think the only person that is seriously disturbed is whoever has been polluting NJ Streets with poop filled diapers for ALMOST A FULL YEAR.

Yes, I'm talking to you, William Friedman. And I am throwing you SO MUCH shame.

You are 68 years-old, and you think that it's funny to leave your grandson's dirty diapers around town?

The Franklin Township Police have been on the lookout for this mystery diaper tosser for about 10 months now.

Back in June, a motorcyclist crashed and totaled his bike as a result of running over one of the diapers. He thankfully only sustained minor injuries.

Friedman told officers that leaving the diapers around Franklin township, "almost became a game."

Sounds like he should get a hobby.

The Franklin Police Department charged Friedman with interfering with transportation and he will face up to $1,000 in fines.

I also feel like he should pay for that poor mans motorcycle.

And seriously work on bettering his decision making skills.



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