This is so exciting! Remember when we said that you could win free Wawa for a year? That’s exactly what happened to a gentleman from New Jersey. According to, a New Jersey man won free Wawa hoagies for a year for bringing in over $300 worth of coins.

Earlier this year, Wawa announced that they would give out free hoagies to anyone that could help them out by giving in coins. Steven Leventhal went to the Wawa in Middlesex County  in Monroe Township, on Route 33 and handed in all of the coins he had. If he’s anything like me, that means he probably still has a ton more at home! 

Apparently everyone there knows him because he shops there all the time. The manager of the store told him that they were in need of dimes, so Steven came in the next day with over $100 worth of them! He’s a true life (coin) saver. He got a raffle ticket through the Wawa website and entered to win the Sweepstakes where he could win shortie hoagies for a year and he was chosen!

There were literally thousands of people that entered that, but he was lucky enough to win! The contest ran from August 31 to October 1st. According to, Wawa  asked customers to bring in at least $5 of rolled coins, exchange it for paper currency and receive a free coffee, fountain drink or ICEE beverage for their trouble

He is so lucky! I would literally have a turkey and provolone cheese hoagie everyday! 

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