I moved to the state of New Jersey in December of 2015 and I will be honest with you ever since I moved out here I feel like the roads in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are still beat up no matter how much road construction is done. A recent report stated that New Jersey has the 4th worst roads in the country. So there you have it. You can't be mad at me for saying that the New Jersey roads are horrible.

TripNet.com recently shared that “New Jersey Interstate System’s Tate of congestion, travel growth and road and bridge deterioration among highest in US.” That's not something we want to be known for. I know many people that have hit some potholes and were forced to spend on some new tires.

A spokesperson from AAA Clubs of New Jersey told TripNet.com, “A safe and well-maintained Interstate Highway System can strengthen New Jersey’s economy.” If that is true, why does it seem like so much road work gets started and then is just left there abandoned? Isn't everyone all about helping the economy and all that?

Check this one out also. On the chart shared on TripNet.com, it stated that New Jersey has the 3rd worst congested traffic in the urban interstates. Obviously, we all know that the worst traffic is in California but the Garden State isn't too far behind them.

The potholes thing is one that needs to change because it's already expensive to maintain a car. So to have potholes ruining your tires even quicker does not help at all.

As for Pennsylvania, the state takes the 14th spot in the "Pavement in Poor Condition" category.

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