Not too long ago some research came out listing the types of products most purchased on Amazon recently, and you could probably guess what some of the top ones are.

The most purchased items on Amazon throughout the nation in the past year or so, according to Statista are what you might expect. Did you guess electronics, clothing and items for the home? If you did, then you guessed the top three (in order, as a matter of fact).

So, logically, I decided to try to research New Jersey's most purchased product. It wasn't easy to find a current state by state breakdown, but I did find one from 2018. And you would think that the usual suspects listed above might be on top of our list, right?

Wrong. According to Twenty Two Words, the most purchased item on Amazon in New Jersey a couple of years ago was...Diet Coke. What? From the state who's top candy is Tootsie Pops? Now this.

I just don't know why we cant seem to do anything normal. I know that normal is a relative word in our world, but even the website that published the info felt inclined to use the words we often use in the Garden State. "Couldn't possibly make this up".

Groceries did come in at #10 nationally, but that doesn't make me feel any better about this. We're now going to here Diet Coke jokes along with the driving, accent, and smell jokes. I just know it.

Here's something that might make you feel better. In the same study, Ohio's most purchased item was a lava lamp, and in Oklahoma it was Pringles, so maybe a Diet Coke isn't all that bad.

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