They've been testing them, and now, starting today (July 8th) , Princeton's rolling out their new parking rates for individual meters and pay stations, according to Princeton's website. So, make sure to check your meter or pay station for the new price(s).

These changes were approved back on May 28, 2019. You can check out the revised parking map here and the new time limits and rates here.

If you are a Smart Card holder, you have a choice on how you'd like to spend down your leftover balance. First, you can use your old card to park in the Spring Street garage. They will be accepted, until the equipments fails, but, I wouldn't take that chance. You can also have your old balance transferred to the new Park Princeton app. They give you some steps to follow. Here they are.

The town is asking for everyone's patience during this transition of updating equipment and getting all new signs made and put in place. If you disocover a mistake, they ask you email with the number of the meter or pay station that is incorrect.

For more information and contact information for concerns, click here.


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