Why do I only see black squirrels in Princeton? Hmmmm. This thought has crossed my mind over and over again. Do you know the answer? I don't.

I've lived in this area my entire life, growing up in nearby Cranbury, and now living in Lawrenceville. I visit Princeton with family and friends frequently, most recently during the holidays to see the Palmer Square Christmas tree. They're everywhere. I'm fascinated by them. Lol. I swear the only place I've ever seen a black squirrel is in downtown Princeton. Have you ever noticed this?

As soon as you leave town though, those fast little suckers are nowhere to be found. So bizarre, right?

I'm not alone. I got into a conversation recently with my boss, Brian, who's from Maine, now living in Princeton, and he's noticed the same thing. He sees them everywhere when out walking his dog.

Ok, now I needed to find out more. I did a Google search and it seems like I'm not the only one curious about Princeton's black squirrels.

They're known to many as Princeton University's unofficial mascot. Lol.

I found a "Princeton Myths" webpage....check this out:

"Myth: Several years ago, deep in the bowels of one of Princeton's biology buildings, an inhumane and unnatural science experiment produced a breed of black squirrels. Some of squirrels either escaped or were liberated by a zealous animal-rights group, and now these uber-squirrels are slowly taking over campus."  Interesting. Lol.

What's the truth? While they may be everywhere in Princeton, they're normal and have been around for a long time. The website states that black and gray squirrels are the same species, simply different colors. They are also more aggressive and territorial than gray squirrels, usually scaring off all the other squirrels in the area, which is why we only see the black ones in Princeton.

Black squirrels are much more common in the midwest, which is why we don't see that many around here.

There you have it. I can rest easier tonight. Lol.

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