I have some really exciting news! Blood Zeus, which is a new show on Netflix, will premier tonight! It gets better! The new series comes from two New Jersey brothers!

According to nj,com, Blood Zeus is an anime saga that stars the gods, mortals and Heron, a man who discovers he is the son of Zeus. I don’t know about you, but this sounds so cool to me and I promise I will watch the entire series. 

Vlas and Charley Parlapanides, who are the brothers that created the show, said that they both their mom and grandmother would tell them stories all the time about Greek Gods and Goddesses. Their mother grew up in Greece, which is the same exact place their father's family is from. How cool! What better way than to incorporate your childhood than to make a living off of it? The two brothers are executive producers. 

The two brothers, Vlas and Charley, are from Seaside Park, New Jersey. When they were thinking about the idea of the show, they immediately thought about how many superhero movies are the same exact thing. According to nj.com, Charley said, “If you really look at what Marvel and DC did, they took the pantheon and they just put costumes on them.” Nj.com then tell us that Vlas Parlapanides tells NJ Advance Media, “The Greek gods were the first superheroes for us.” 

I think that it is the coolest thing when we have people so close to home who are essentially like super heroes themselves.  Who would have every thought that the stories your mom would tell you when you were little would help you further your career? 

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