If you love pickles, you're going to love this new restaurant in the Croydon section of Bristol Township.

Levittown Now is reporting that Giovanni's DILLicious Pickles, a family owned restaurant, opened up not too long ago on Route 13 near Newportville Road, next to the train station, near Dog and Bull Brew and Music House. Cute name for a place that's all about pickles, isn't it?

So, what do they serve? You guessed it, pickles...in a variety of ways like pickle hoagies, fried pickles (which I looove), pickle pizza, pickle de gallo salsa, dip & dippers, homemade pickles...yum...which you can buy by the quart, and so much more.

The owner, Michael Favoroso (Giovanni is his son), has quite the following. He started his pickle journey years ago just by making his products in his home kitchen and finding customers on Facebook. Then, he expanded to a food truck, and now, his dream came true by opening a restaurant. It may not be big or fancy, but people from all over the area and beyond are flocking to the shop to see what it's all about. Since opening, his Facebook followers have sky rocketed to over 14,000 people.

Mostly everything is gluten free and keto friendly. You can eat in or take out, and they even offer catering. Keep that in mind for your next party.

Somebody better tell Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from Jersey Shore about this place...she loooves pickles. Lol.

Stop in. Giovanni's DILLicious Pickles is located at 802 Bristol Pike, Croydon.

Congratulations Michael and family. I'll be in to check it out.

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