There have been tons of people in the area that have been complaining about fireworks. During a normal summer, we tend to hear them every so often, but this is 2020. Nothing in 2020 has been normal, so why would the use of fireworks be anything less than that? It seems as if these fireworks have been going off every night, but it is the noise level that has been scarier. 

As I was scrolling through TikTok, per usual, I came across a video of a kid messing with this white substance which I later found to be baking soda. In the video, he then adds it to a bottle of water. He closed it tightly, shook it up a bit, and then threw it in the air and ran. What could he be possibly doing? BOOM!

There even have been some conspiracies about if these are even civilians doing this or if it is the government to disrupt out sleep. Whoever they thought it might have been having now been put to rest because I think I figured it out!

The baking soda and water mixture makes a chemical reaction that causes it to explode, however, it sounds just like a bomb! I was absolutely amazed by how loud this sound is.

I do not suggest trying this. It will most definitely cause panic throughout the entire neighborhood.

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