There are a lot of things that make me happy in life. One of them is booking a vacation and another is actually waking up the morning we're actually leaving for vacation. But then that happiness can get crushed if a flight is delayed either leaving New Jersey or my destination. It's not like I am in a rush to leave my vacation destination to come home, but sitting at an airport for hours when I am most likely sunburnt or hungover is no fun.

According to an article posted on last week, Newark Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport landed on a bad list. Both airports were rated pretty low, in fact both were some of the worst airports in the nation for on time arrivals in the summer. They were compared to the other 50 largest airports in the nation. Newark was last on the list because only about 60% of flights arrived on time over a ten year period. Ouch. Philly Airport only had about 70% of it's flights arrive on time. Double ouch. The article also says that the best time to fly in the fall because that's when flights are the most on time. But that doesn't help the people who vacation in the summer.

So if you're taking a summer vacation, and using one of these airports, just be prepared for some delays. Try to have some patience and remember it's a vacation!

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