It was extremely scary when the pandemic began and there were so many unanswered questions, and all we kept seeing on the news was that thousands of people all over the world were coming down with coronavirus and hospitals were maxed out with patients. It was scary for us, scary for patients and scary for healthcare workers who were putting in many hours caring for patients of a deadly disease with limited resources, equipment and even protective gear. Various states starting setting up drive up testing centers as well as pop up hospitals where they would convert large spaces into makeshift hospitals that could hold covid-19 patients. Doctors and nurses would monitor these patients and make sure they got the care that they needed.

A pop up hospital that was set up at the Newtown Athletic Club in the beginning of April and according to The Patch, it has been shut down. It was set up in the beginning up April 8th and it was to be used if the hospitals in Bucks County hit max capacity. No new patients have been admitted to the Newtown Athletic Club's hospital, which means there isn't a need for it anymore so it has been closed.

The Patch also says, the Newtown Athletic Club will now go through an extensive cleaning process so they can get ready to host summer camps and other activities this summer.

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