My son is now 8 months old, but I feel like he was just born yesterday. I felt like I was pregnant for so long even though he arrived 19 days early. I didn't have a great pregnancy, lots of reflux, charlie horses, and just feeling uncomfortable all the time. I used to go to the gym with this woman who worked out pretty much her entire pregnancy and it inspired me, I thought I was going to be just like her. Turns out, I wasn't and I couldn't. I did a lot of walking, but as far as weight lifting and high intensity cardio, that did not happen at all. I am so jealous of the pregnant women who can keep working out at their normal pace during pregnancy, and their bodies bounce back so much quicker afterwards. I am doing my best now getting back on a healthy eating schedule and work out, but it's definitely hard. I plan to work out and eat a lot healthier during my next pregnancy.

During pregnancy, as I'm sure you know, you gain weight and your clothes start to get a little tighter. I think pregnant women who work out definitely find it hard to find good and supportive activewear. According to USA Today, that Nike, was on the biggest sports apparel company ever wants to help those active pregnant mamas. They just announced on September 17th, a maternity line will be available online. I'm sure they will start to put it in stores depending on how well it sells online. So far, the line looks awesome.


For more info, check out this article from Nike or USA Today.

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