A NJ based toilet company sent Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest their toilets.

The reason behind the gift is actually pretty legit too.

Ryan Seacrest shared his story on 'Live With Kelly and Ryan' about how he once used Kris Jenner's toilet and couldn't figure how to flush it and then kind of made a total mess and then left it without saying a word.

Well, American Standard toilet company heard his story and thought they could help.

Yep! The Piscataway NJ company thought it would be a grand idea to send them each one of their luxurious toilets.

The model they sent over is called an “intuitive” smart bowl and they can run you about $500 to $600 and that's not including the seat.

If you do include the luxury seat nj.com says it it will be an additional $1,650.

Well damn ...

That's an expensive toilet.




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