Happy National Puppy Day! Lots of puppies and dogs found their forever homes in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic because lots of people were able to stay at home and train, care for, and love them more than ever before. Apparently owning a pet is not only beneficial for the animal but for the owners as well. The CDC says that owning a pet can decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of loneliness, and lower stress levels.

Parade recently came through with a list of the top states with the most new puppy owners in 2021. This data was collected by looking at the pet insurance brand Trupanion. Among the list, of course, is New Jersey at the number three spot sandwiched between Oregon and Washington. The state with the most new puppy owners was Texas!

A feature about puppies simply isn’t complete without a list of the most popular pet names of 2021. Parade informs us that although you can name your pet whatever you want, “experts suggest avoiding sibilant sounds in names (words or names that include a hissing sound), keeping names to one or two syllables, and avoiding names that rhyme with commands (“Shay” and “stay”).”

The top ten puppy names of 2021 are:

1. Luna

2. Charlie

3. Cooper

4. Bella

5. Milo

6. Lucy

7. Bailey

8. Daisy

9. Coco

10. Max

States With the Most New Puppy Owners in 2021

1. Texas

2. Oregon

3. New Jersey

4. Washington

5. Florida

6. Connecticut

7. Vermont

8. Massachusetts

9. Illinois

10. North Carolina

Spoil your pup today and every day, they truly are a man’s, or woman’s, best friend.


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