New Jersey is celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles' Wild Card playoff win last night against the Chicago Bears with billboards.

Commuters this morning got a peak at these slides on their way into work via electronic billboards displaying the Eagles themed slides alongside Rt 295 at Exit 45.

These fun displays show prideful Eagles slogans that highlight the play (now named, "Double Donk") that lost the Bears the game, of course they didn't forget to ad "Fly Eagles Fly" to it, which also doubles as a hashtag now FYI. There are also slides of the billboards dedicated to "St. Nick" aka Nick Foles, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, which is a teaser for their next game against the New Orleans Saints.


Last nights final score was super close, Philadelphia Eagles 16 - Chicago Bears 15.

The Eagles next game will be against the New Orleans Saints in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday.



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