The Patch reports, a high school in South Jersey told students there will be no dancing at their prom this year. Clearview Regional High School as well as many other schools across New Jersey hope they can actually have a prom this year, but if they do, dancing will not be allowed because of the risk of spreading COVID-19. If the state's guidelines don't change by the time proms take place this year, high school students will get all dressed up, but won't be able to show off their moves on the dance floor. I think students have mixed feelings about it. They want their prom, but with no dancing, they'll just be getting dressed up and going to a big dinner. There are talks to have the prom outside, but the district hasn't 100% decided yet.

I remember going to prom and how fun it was. I actually went to five proms. I was invited by a Junior guy when I was a sophomore and I went to my ex boyfriend's prom that same year. Then I went to my own Junior prom with my friend, and then another friend brought me to his prom. Then my senior year, I just went to my high school's senior prom. All of them were a blast, I loved getting dressed up and getting my hair and make-up and nails done and take a limo and dance the night away, I can't imagine my proms without dancing. It's so incredibly sad what this pandemic is still taking away from us. Life is still not back to normal after over a year of fighting this virus and it is so devastating to me.


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