Bordentown Walking Tours is hosting a fantastic event this summer and tickets are going fast for it. The Revolutionary Pub Crawl is taking place on July 3rd at Noon, so it's perfect for a 4th of July themed activity. You are encouraged to dress up in revolutionary clothing or just anything red, white and blue.

Tickets are $75 and for people 21 and older. The $75 includes the four hour bar crawl, one drink at each bar the tour will stop at, and also a nice little snack too. You will sample wine, beer and mixed drinks along the way. Besides the drinking and eating, you will learn about some history from a Bordentown Walking Tour Guide. There will be stories, and history and of course a lot of fun.

Bar Crawlers are also encouraged to stay after the tour and get some dinner at a local establishment, but they do recommend you make reservations for those restaurants since a lot of people from the bar crawl will probably have dinner afterwards.

For tickets and even more information, click here.

This Revolutionary Pub Crawl seems to be right up my alley. I love a theme, I love drinking, and I love learning about history. This seems like an awesome day drinking date for me and my hubby. He's even more of a history buff than I am.

It's so nice to be vaccinated. I have been all over social media looking for things to do this summer and to know that I am pretty protected from the coronavirus makes me want to get out there and do more social activities.

Before I was vaccinated, I was honestly afraid to go to many places. I still wear a face mask in certain areas like crowded stores, just because people can be icky, but I feel a lot safer having been vaccinated. Let's get summer 2021 going!

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