Besides the loss of so many human lives, I feel like the most heartbreaking thing about the coronavirus pandemic is the damage it has done on our economy. Business have been forced to close their doors and some can only rely on online sales. If they don't have any kind of website set up, they're not making any money right now. Another industry that is suffering tremendously right now is the restaurant industry. Servers, bartenders and restaurant employees that are used to pulling in really good money due to the crowds that usually dine out are now only relying on to-go and outdoor dining sales. Some restaurants don't even have an outdoor area they can use, so they are just relying on to-go orders. It's extremely sad and I was in the restaurant industry for a long time and my heart goes out to all my former coworkers. Things have been getting better, and Philadelphia just announced that they will allow restaurants to open for indoor dining on September 8th. So hopefully New Jersey will be next.

Feeling sympathetic, Pennsylvania lawmakers was to propose a bill that will give restaurants in their state some relief if they need it. The Patch reports that smaller owned bars, restaurants and even caterers could be apart of receiving money from a $100 grant program. Restaurants would apply for the money and depending on a few factors could be chosen to receive that money. Tina Davis, and Joe Ciresi are the ones who are supporting this bill and hopefully we will hear more news about it soon. They understand what these restaurants are going through and want to help.

For more info, visit this article from The Patch.

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