Ever since I-95 has been shut down, Philly residents and Philly commuters have been at a loss for words.

If you haven’t heard the news by now, a tanker truck set on fire on I-95 North in Philadelphia just a few days ago, causing the overpass to collapse in the Tacony Section of Philadelphia this past Sunday at about 6:30 am.

The northbound lanes are completely shut down after the collapse, as well as the southbound lanes for about a 7-mile stretch between Woodhaven Road and Aramingo.


We can expect this stretch of the road to be shutdown for weeks if not months.

Alternate routes for your commute can be found here.

Since the accident, the driver’s body has been located at the scene of the accident and workers are already starting to repave and rebuild the huge chunk of the highway, of course, we have seen some quotable news stories featuring the citizens of Philadelphia.


This one guy from Philly is going viral online after commenting on the accident. He was interviewed by Fox 29 News Philadelphia and he’s known all over the internet for being the “most Philly guy in all of America”.

Viewers from in and out of Philly noticed how this guy summed up the collapse perfectly and even made light of a terrible situation. There were a few interviews of this guy talking about the collapse, but I have to say my favorite quote was this one.

CBS Philadelphia recorded this interview with the same guy who said “Philly doesn’t have the best luck right now. We lost the World Series, we lost the Super Bowl and now we lost 95, so, looks like we’re just taking L’s”.

Road construction teams are said to be working 24/7 on the rebuilding of the overpass, but it’s not certain when we can expect it to be up and running again. All we do know is, this guy is having his 15 minutes of internet fame right now because of it.

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