Shankar Robinson-Owens, 17, applied to more than 20 colleges and universities. But this high school senior’s story did not stop there; she now has received over $1 million in scholarship funds!

"We are overjoyed," Christine Owens, her aunt, said to Good Morning America. "I knew she wouldn't have a problem getting into colleges, but we didn't know they would award her this much money in scholarship funds."

According to the Shaderoom, Owens ended up on national news when she applied to all her colleges, and the story was truly inspiring. She has a bright opportunity ahead of her and some of the colleges she has been accepted to were local to Pennsylvania: Moravian College, La Salle University, Temple University and Cabrini University.

Shanya said she was “pretty excited” and not “really expecting it.”

According to The Shaderoom, Owens currently attends George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Since and has a 3.2 GPA. She is involved in her classes and enjoys writing and listening to music in her free time. She has also been a part in bringing social action to her school, said her principal to Good Morning America.

Owens advises her fellow students to remember to be patient with yourselves and your work during this pandemic. She says, "Stay focused. If you need to have some time away, it's OK. You can tell your teachers that because they know you're stressed."

She will graduate in June, but has not decided where to go yet, but wherever she decides to go will gain a bright and hardworking student.



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