Philadelphia's annual Chinese Lantern Festival is happening now until June 30th.

Located in Franklin Square, the lantern festival features a beautiful display of colorful and bright lanterns.

Since the festival takes place nightly from 6pm to 11pm, you can see all 29 lanterns enhanced with bright light.

And you already know, the festival is the perfect opportunity to take pictures and update your Instagram feed. #goals.

I've actually been to the festival before and it's such a cool experience. All of the lanterns are so colorful and gorgeous. It's the perfect date night activity.

The festival also has performances including Chinese art and entertainment.

There will be food and drinks available for purchase throughout the festival as well.

Ticket prices for the festival vary between weekdays and weekends. Adult tickets are $18 for Sunday-Thursday, and $20 for Friday and Saturday.

For more information about the lantern festival, you can visit the Historic Philadelphia website.

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