Not only does the city of Philadelphia have the largest, fanciest Wawa in the world, but now it also has one of the tiniest. Today was the official opening of the tiniest Wawa in Philly on 16th and Chestnuts streets in Center City.

The opening of this location was met with many obstacles. It was first announced back in April that it would open during the Fall of 2019. However, despite the delays the store is finally up and running an open for business. Fun fact, the shop is under 3,000-square-feet and resembles a lot of grab and go stores in airports.

According to Philly Mag, the shop will include a "Test Nest" that will feature more environmentally friendly products such as lids, stirrers bags and straws. Also if you have the Wawa app you can play a food order ahead of time, then pick it up at their walk-up window. This new Wawa is now open so go check it out when you're in the city!


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