So Chris is thinking about having a Halloween party this year. With Halloween 2018 falling on a Wednesday, it led to a bit of a debate in her house. So, naturally, we talked about it on air today.

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Chris says that she prefers to have the celebration before since it leads up to the big day with excitement. Then as soon as the holiday is over, she's done.

Adam, meanwhile, likes the idea of extending the holiday a little bit. In terms of a party, too, he actually thinks that more people may be available for the weekend after Halloween. Is he right? He may be!

Did you miss the debate on-air? Here's what Chris and Adam said:

The debate continued on-air this morning:

One of our listeners, Darlene called in and said that "holidays are (celebrated) before," and "birthdays (are celebrated) after." She suggested that's why we celebrate holidays like New Year's Eve, Christmas Eve.

Meanwhile, Briana in Levittown said that we can celebrate Halloween whenever we want to. "Halloween can be before, after, and on the day," she said. "Christmas, though, you really can't."

Maureen texted in to say the calendar makes the decision. "With Halloween you have to do it before! After November 1st it's Thanksgiving in the air," she wrote to the Crew this morning.

So what do YOU think? Help us settle the debate by taking our poll above to sound off.

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