Hey y'all! I feel like I do a lot of these introductions pretty often but let me reintroduce myself. Hi, my name is Karli K.  I am not only a foodie, but I also have the worst allergies in the entire world. So believe me when I say I am not looking forward to allergy season this year or any year. I actually have allergies that are year-round, but because I have plasma it makes it that much more work. So when I read this I nearly fainted. Global warming is actually making pollen season come earlier than ever.

I feel like we talk about global warming all the time, but never to this extent. I actually had no idea what started to trigger something as simple, but complex is allergies. According to the New York Post, Allergy season is going to be starting 20 days earlier this year. That's all thanks to none other than global warming. And the amount of pollen we are getting? They are also saying that pollen loads are 20% higher than they were back in 1990. 

I honestly did not want to believe this, but I think this is absolutely correct. Hear me out. Like I said I have always had really really bad allergies and bad asthma. But for whatever reason, the past couple of years my allergies and asthma have been kicking my ass! Now I see why! This whole time I thought it was something  I was doing, but it’s really just because the earth is crying!

I think this is a wake up call for us to start getting together and take care of our home! 


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