Princeton Police are looking for the owners of a few bicycles they've found, incase they want to claim them before they get rid of them, according to the Princeton Police Facebook page.

These bicycles have been left in the bike rack at the Princeton Public Library on Witherspoon Street (next to Witherspoon Grill) for about six months now. These bikes are not in the best shape, and have most likely been abandoned, but, the Princeton Police want to be courteous and give the owners one last shot to claim them before they're taken away, and as they say, "put out to pasture." Lol. The removal of the tagged bikes could happen as early as today, if not, shortly thereafter.

Who just leaves a bike abandoned like that?  I think it's kind of rude. Even if the bike is broken, just dispose of it, instead of abandoning it, right?

FYI - for anyone thinking about going to grab one of the bikes, the police say they're not safe to ride.


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