So you think your weekly gym routine is rough, well one Princeton woman has put every workout fanatic’s set to shame as she completed the World Marathon Challenge earlier this month.

Kerri Mandell ran over 187 miles over the course of seven days, where she ran seven marathons over the seven continents.  Mandell joins the small group of just shy of 1,000 people to complete this challenge.

Nicknamed “The Grinder” by other runners on the trip because of her ferocity and never-quit attitude no matter the weather of pain is one reason the local completed the feat.


Running her first marathon in 2014 in Philadelphia and also doing her first Ironman in 2018, Mandell has been a running junky for a while.  She decided to raise money for her charity, the American Cancer Society, for the World Marathon Challenge since she lost her father and stepmother to cancer.

In Antarctica on Jan. 6, the temperature was 10 degrees with 40 mph wind gusts, taking four runners out of the race.  The other marathons were located in Cape Town, South Africa, Perth, Australia, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Madrid, Spain, Fortaleza, Brazil and Miami.


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