Remind me to always order the clam dish whenever I go out to a seafood restaurant!

You may remember a piece of this story from earlier this summer. It just got a very happy ending!

Back in August, Phoenixville Pennsylvania's Scott Overland and his family visited Salt Air restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. It was there he ordered a clam appetizer dish, which he almost sent back because of an unwanted bell pepper garnish that restaurant forgot to remove.

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It was a good thing he didn't! Because when he bit into his clam, he felt something hard. Thinking it was a shell, he pulled it out of his mouth, and what they saw was a "little purple thing." His wife thought it might have been a bead or a piece of candy. But it was a gorgeous, rare, purple pearl.

At the time, Overland said they'd definitely get the treasure appraised...

Well they just did. And it's value is incredible!

6 ABC Philadelphia reports that Overland brought the pretty purple pearl to Jeweler's Row in Philadelphia to get it appraised. Joshua Hyman, the owner of Philadelphia Jewelry Appraisers said he's never seen a purple clam pearl before! Well, he laid down the value....and.... *drumroll please*

The pearl is worth $4,071!!

As you can imagine, the Overland's are thrilled! So what will they do with it? Scott Overland says they'll hang onto it because it's such a precious find with a special story - and his daughter loves purple!

Check out 6 ABC's coverage on the story:

Personally I think it would be so precious if they set in a piece of jewelry to keep as a family heirloom.

Congrats to the Overlands on this very lucky find!


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