Last week, we reported that Lord & Taylor would be closing all of its stores, including the one located in the Quaker Bridge Mall.

That's just the latest QB Mall tenant to announce that it would be leaving the Lawrenceville shopping center. Earlier this year, Sur La Table, Justice, and Lane Bryant each announced that they would be closing their stores in the mall.

Meanwhile, J.C. Penney has filed for bankruptcy, Macy's has experienced its own financial troubles, and we even reported on the possibility that The Cheesecake Factory could default on its loans as soon as next year.

Of course, Quaker Bridge Mall is not the only mall that is losing stores. Every week, you can probably find an article published somewhere in the United States declaring that "shopping malls are dead."

With all of that doom and gloom, it's hard to believe that it wasn't that long ago that Quaker Bridge Mall actually had plans to be even larger than it is now.

In 2013, as reported on, Quaker Bridge Mall completed a 2-year, "multi-million dollar" renovation project that added several new stores to the then almost 60-year old mall. New stores included Michael Kors, H&M, Sur La Table and several others. And 2 new restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory and Brio, were also added.

That renovation was huge, but many people don't realize that 7 years earlier, QB Mall's owner, SImon Property Group, announced that Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom would be part of approximately 600,000 square feet of new retail space.

And it may have just been a rumor, but there was also some talk that the expansion would actually extend across Quakerbridge Road and include an indoor pedestrian bridge that would allow shoppers to walk from the older section to the new one.

According to, the Nieman Marcus/Nordstrom expansion ended up getting scrapped due to a downturn in the economy.

It would have been nice to have Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom at QB Mall, but like other department stores, those 2 companies are now closing stores, so ultimately, we could have had even more empty spots in the mall.

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