The height of the pandemic was an uncertain time for many workers. Several industries experienced an economic roller coaster with a very unpredictable horizon.

When you look at the good-paying jobs that were considered essential during that time (and thus, less affected by the COVID-19 turmoil), many of them were in the trades. Not only were they in demand during the pandemic, but they tend to be in demand through traditional recessions, too.

That means if you're looking to transition to a more secure career, you need not look any further than Mercer County Technical School's Adult Evening Programs. Evening courses are offered in welding, electrical, HVAC and more, and apprenticeship programs are available, too.

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A recent study from the Federal Reserve found the average student who obtains a four-year college degree is crippled with more than $25,000 in debt when they graduate. In fact, about 69% of students from the Class of 2018 took out student loans, according to that same report. 

With affordable options, Mercer County Technical School's Adult Evening students can attain the education and certifications they need to land a career in these fields without having to worry about the crippling burden of debt. Plus, with evening classes you're able to keep working your current job, and if need be, evening classes allow you the flexibility to be there for your family during the day.

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Registration is open now for their fall courses. Click here to learn about their courses and the registration process. It's the first step toward a better, more secure future for you and your family!