If you go to Rider University you may be seeing a few food trucks around campus. The latest truck is the Bronc Bites truck and a Muscle Maker Grill food truck is coming soon.

According to Rider's website, these two food trucks will balance each other out perfectly. The Bronc Bites truck offers an assortment of items like nachos, onion rings, chicken wraps and veggie burgers. The Muscle Maker Grill will appeal to others who want healthier options like fit bowls and wraps, along with fruit smoothies and protein shakes.

As an alumni from Rider University, I wish they had these food trucks when I was there. I know that food trucks are very popular at Rutgers and they even have food truck festivals in the area. So I'm happy to see that Rider has some of their own.

For up to date info and to see where the food trucks will be parked around campus, students can follow @RiderFoodTrucks on Twitter.

To learn more about these food trucks go here

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