Good news for commuters! Normal weekday service has resumed on New Jersey Transit's River LINE light rail service as of today (Monday, June 10).

The news comes as a relief to commuters, of course. The line had suspended service on Friday "out of an abundance of caution" after it was discovered that some wheels on the light rail failed to meet their required safety standards.

NJ Transit says the "rigorously" tested and inspected the wheels over the past 48 hours, and a sufficient number of vehicles passed their inspections. So they are able to resume regular weekday service this morning.

Special express shuttle bus service is still operating between four of their busiest stations during the morning and evening commutes. Those stations are:

  • Trenton Transit Center
  • Florence
  • Beverly/Edgewater Park
  • Walter Rand Transportation Center

Normal weekend service had previously resumed this weekend.

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