I bet we all feel the same about robocalls...they suck, right?! It's like you can't even pick up an unknown number anymore because you never know if it's a robocall or not. What if a potential employer is trying to call you and you don't answer because you think it's a telemarketer or robocall? Chances are, they are going to leave a voicemail, but still! I always get nervous they are going to think that because I didn't answer my phone they are going to go to the next candidate! (I know, I'm a tad bit dramatic, but what can I say?)

According to The Patch, Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced that the Keystone State has talked to major phone companies, 12 in fact, to fight against these illegal robocalls. (Yeah, robocalls are illegal.) They will be working together with law enforcement officials and phone companies to trace the source of these robocalls and hopefully stop them for good!

Check out what else the Attorney General is doing to prevent robocalls from making their way to the cell phones of the people of Pennsylvania.

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