There's nothing like the feeling of anticipation of another season coming. I think when the weather is cold and you're stuck inside with nothing to do, you think about what it's like when the weather gets nicer and since football season starts in August, that's definitely something to look forward to. Although I love spring and summer and don't wanna fast forward or anything, I love football season!

After last week's announcement from Rutgers University, this year, may be an awesome one! I'm not really talking about the football team in general, but I'm talking about the experience that will happen during the games. Last week, Rutgers University announced that they would soon be selling alcohol at their sporting events. Which no one ever needed because Rutgers tailgates are insane and everyone gets drunk in the parking lot before the game. But in case people don't tailgate, it'll be nice for people to enjoy a beer while they're watching the Scarlet Knights play at High Points Stadium.

So drinking beer is fun, but beer drinking games are even more fun! This Rutgers Beer Bingo game comes from and what they think a Beer Bingo would be. This did not come from Rutgers University. While fans are watching the game, they can play along with this bingo game amongst their friends and see who wins first. Maybe even make in interesting and make some wagers! You can even play this at home when you're watching the game, but a lot of the items on the board, you'll need to see live.

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