As of July 1st Jonathan Holloway, 52, will start his new job as Rutgers University’s first ever black president. Jonathan Holloway was the dean of Yale College and Edmund S. Morgan Professor of African American Studies before serving as Northwestern’s provost since 2017. Holloway will be the 21st president succeeding Robert Barchi, who has since lead Rutgers University since September of 2012.

Holloway is married to Aisling Colon and they have two children. His brother, Brian Holloway, is a former American Football offensive tackle for the Raiders and Patriots. He has deep ties with New Jersey’s 38th mayor of Newark, Cory Booker. More than three decades ago, the two went to Stanford and were teammates on the university’s football team. When asked about how he felt he called Holloway a trailblazer.

Holloway says, “This is exciting to me, on a very personal level, and I tried to express that when we talked this week, how exciting it is to me to see him making history in New Jersey, “Booker also says, “He is going to have a serious impact on young people from all backgrounds to look and see someone who is black who ascended to that level,” Booker said. “It further breaks down barriers and instills in kids the possibilities”.

While Mr. Holloway still has to wait to receive approval from the Rutgers Board of Governors, many are excited for the new changes and what’s in store.

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