This sounds fun for all you Halloween lovers out there. Just announced: Scary Movie Drive-In Movies at Snipes Farm in Morrisville, PA, according to Facebook.

The Mid-Atlantic Event Group is hosting, it kicks off October 7th, and it's being called, "Pennsylvania's Scariest Halloween Drive-In Movie Experience."
This crisp fall weather has me thinking about Halloween, so I went searching for some fun, Halloweeny things to do in the next couple of weeks, and found this. It sounds like you stay in you car, the movie is playing up on a big 50 foot screen and there's scary stuff going on all around you. The post says its a "first of its kind immersive experience." They're going to bring the movie to life. So, if you're in the window seat of your car, I'd watch out. Lol. They're going to try to scare right as you drive in, so, consider this your warning. Lol. With many haunted attractions being canceled in the area this year, you may like this experience.
They're going to be showing some Halloween classics like Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Nightmare Before Christmas (yes, it is a Halloween movie, lol), and more. For the complete schedule, click here.
The post said that tickets are "extremely limited" and will most likely sell out most nights, so plan ahead. It's $40 per car.
Incase you're wondering, the post also emphasized that this will be totally safe. "The safety of our fans, performers and staff is our top priority. This experience was designed to meet all local health and safety standards and state regulations. Of course, we'll be wearing our masks, it's Halloween after all. All staff will wear protective face coverings, even under their theatrical masks. Please follow local guidelines for mask requirements in your vehicle and please pay attention to email updates as information is subject to change."

For tickets and info, click here.
Maybe I'll see you there...IF I'm brave enough. Lol.

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