Big news was announced by Six Flags Great Adventure today! There have been some speculations that a new coaster would be making its way to the Jackson, NJ theme park in the future, but now it was just confirmed by Six Flags!

A few weeks ago, Six Flags Great Adventure had posted a very cryptic post on their X account that was giving fans of the theme park a big hint that something new would be making its way to the park soon.

It was a video of the front entrance of the park with the caption "Something's missing...". Fans took to Twitter and were giving their best guesses on what the park's official account could be hinting at, but now it's been officially confirmed a new coaster will be making its way to Six Flags Great Adventure.

This will be the theme park's 15th major roller coaster and it's going to be the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere.

Six Flags Announces The Park's 15th Roller Coaster Will Hit Jackson, NJ in 2024

via Six Flags Great Adventure
via Six Flags Great Adventure

The new coaster will be called THE FLASH: Vertical Velocity and it is for sure for the daredevils in the area! THE FLASH will be the first super boomerang coaster to open in North America. 


It rushes forward and backward at nearly 60 miles per hour through a 180-degree twisted drop and zero-G roll. Hearing how to coaster operates is sort of mind-boggling, but it seems like it's going to be a coaster like you've never seen before at Six Flags in Jackon, NJ!

The coaster has been announced, but will not open until 2024!

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