Skyzone in Hamilton just launched an awesome program yesterday for kids 5 and under. If you have children, you know this pandemic has been an extremely tough year for them. Most of them have been either doing virtual learning at home, or doing part time schooling and it can take a toll on kids who just want their normal lives back. Most kids are used to interacting with friends and participating in indoor activities especially during the winter time and those things have been very scarce in the last year. Kids of all ages need interaction and playtime and a place just to get out some energy that they have and this was the thought process behind launching Skyzone's new program, Little Leapers.


Little Leapers is a program for kids 5 and under and I got to experience it yesterday and it was awesome. There was limited capacity, a very friendly and helpful staff and hand sanitizer everywhere. The Little Leapers were able to jump around 4 or 5 jump zones, some had foam pits, some had basketball hoops, some had slides and some were just free jump zones with balls to play with. Besides free jump throughout the entire facility, there were other activities like a parachute, bubbles, and inflatable bowling. My little guy Nathan, loved the parachute, and the inflatable bowling. Little Leapers will run on Sunday mornings from 10am-12pm and will cost $20 for 1 adult and 1 child. I know these will fill up fast so I would get tickets now if you're interested.

Let me tell you, this is something I've been looking for. My poor little baby hasn't had much interaction with other kids, due to the pandemic and I don't want it to affect his social skills or development. So now that the pandemic is getting better and facilities are taking the proper precautions, I am ready to get Nathan into programs like this. He had a blast and he was asleep five minutes into our car ride and then he slept for three hours afterwards. So thank you Skyzone!

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