My son is only 7 months old, so my husband and I haven't been going crazy during this pandemic trying to find things for him to do. He's easy, he plays and doesn't talk yet. However, I know lots of parents that have been so stressed out because in the beginning of the pandemic, there wasn't a lot for their kids to do and they were getting cabin fever. I think it's gotten better because some businesses have opened up and the weather has gotten nicer, but I know parents are still looking for things to do with their kids. Good news for those who live close to Hamilton, Skyzone is opening again to the public.

According to their website and email blast, Skyzone in Hamilton is opening to members only on August 11th. They are also opening for what they are calling Private Play Experiences this Friday. So you're able to book a 90 minute jump for up to 10 people. You get a Skyzone team member to escort you around and you have your own semi private jump session in areas just for your group. You must wear masks and they require you to make reservations. According to Skyzone's website is following CDC guidelines and wants you to feel safe when you come to jump with them.

For more info, give Skyzone of Hamilton a call at 609-587-5867 or visit their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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