Many people are already skipping Thanksgiving and going straight to the Christmas season. From the looks of it, Starbucks is supporting these people because the coffee company is giving out Christmas gifts already. According to, customers will be able to get a free, reusable, holiday looking, red coffee cup.

The "Merry Coffee" cups will be available until supplies last. Customers can get one as soon as the Starbucks stores open and until they completely run out. It was mentioned on that this is only a one-day thing and it's happening Thursday November 7th. also mentioned that you do need to make a purchase of a seasonal coffee to get the "Merry Coffee" cup. There is a plus to having this free coffee cup. You’ll have a discount on holiday beverages from November 7 through January 7.  That’s the entire holiday season!

This is not the first time Starbucks has given away some holiday gifts. Last year it was such a success that the coffee company decided to bring it back again.

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