I know I can't be the only one who's bugged by this.

For anyone who orders food and/or drinks from the Wawa kiosks, let this be a public service announcement:

Stop. Blocking. The pickup. Counter.

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At any Wawa, at any given moment, on any day, there will always be that one person who stands DIRECTLY in front of the counter, where everyone else also has to pick up their order. I see someone doing this nearly every time I'm in a Wawa, and I think to myself, "Really?"

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To be clear, I'm not talking about during a busy time of day when the store is full of people waiting for their food, and it's hard to find a place to stand where you can still hear your order number being called.

I'm talking about the impatient, inconsiderate folks. The entitled people who will block the entire counter, and barely budge when someone else behind them has to say "excuse me" and squeeze their arm past them to pick up their own food.

If that weren't already rude enough, they'll impatiently stare and glare at the Wawa employees behind the counter who have to endure the uncomfortable proximity and scrutiny as they try to focus on their job.

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"What if a person's order is taking longer than normal?"

Good question. Blocking the counter and staring at them won't make them go faster. If you have a concern about how long your food is taking, how hard can it be to step forward and politely ask them about the status of your food? I've seen people do this many times, and the employees are never cross or annoyed. They're usually very eager to figure out what the issue is. There's no need for the aggressive staring. And there's really no need to block everyone else from the counter.

If someone's hard of hearing and needs to be closer to the counter to hear their number being called, that's obviously another thing. But otherwise, please keep a respectable distance! Your order is no more important than anyone else's.


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