Imagine you're surfing the waters off the Jersey Shore when suddenly, you look to your right, and spot a HUGE stingray swimming alongside you!

That's exactly what happened off the coast of Wildwood earlier this month.

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In stunning images taken by Devon Parker and shared by Wildwood Boardwalk on Facebook and IG, you can see the big sea creature flapping its phenomenal wings alongside the surfer, who looks quite surprised.

These close encounters happen quite often, according to Wildwood Boardwalk. They say stingrays actually like to hang out close to the surface of the water and ride the waves just like surfers!

I wonder if the stingrays and other marine life like to have someone to frolic with! I had the chance to swim with a bunch at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, and they are very friendly.

Still, it can be a little jarring when you're not expecting one to interrupt your beach day, lol.

Have you ever encountered a stingray while swimming at the Jersey Shore? Let us know in the comments below!

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